Start a Group

Let’s be honest. This is the most difficult step. You’re afraid it might be awkward, people might not come, or that you don’t really have anything to offer. Don’t forget that (no pressure) people are counting on you to step up! We’ve got some resources to help you kick things off.

the key is to simply start

  • Find People of Peace

    • Someone who is open to talking about Jesus

    • Someone who is struggling

    • People God puts in your path

  • Invest in them

    • Invite them to your home

    • Share meals together.

  • Start a Group.

  • Repeat.


Many times, there are strong Christians in your circle who are ready and excited to help you. Make sure you include them in your group, but it should be emphasized that the purpose of the group is to bring the lost and let the lost lead as much and as soon as possible.

Once the group is too big to comfortably meet in your home, it’s time for new groups to start. Your group should pray and discuss then split as God leads. This process should be repeated indefinitely. The goal is to multiply quickly (no longer than 6 months).

If a group loses steam or dies out, don’t be discouraged! Join up with another ongoing group and get started again.

You can get more information on WIGTAKEDMM.COM.